Most Comprehensive Coverage

Who Should buy the Most Comprehensive Visitors Insurance? 

These flagship plans are generally meant for Visitors who:

1. Are above 50 years of Age,

2. Do have pre-existing conditions,

3. Have elevated pre-existing conditions (high BP, diabetes, or cholesterol), or

4. Have had past surgery regarding their pre-existing condition (heart surgery, kidney issues, knee replacement, etc.)

Benefits of the Most Comprehensive Visitors Insurance

The ELITE Network & INF Advantage Plans are the best comprehensive visitor medical insurance for USA on the market today. Our plans offer the only comprehensive pre-existing visitors insurance for Ages 80+. If you are seeking to really protect your family and protect against large financial stress, these plans will work best. 

Both the ELITE Network & INF Advantage Plan use the First Health PPO Network. First Health PPO enables you to have Cashless Claims. This means you will never have to front the cost of a medical incident. The Health Care Provider will bill the insurance directly, meaning you have no initial out-of-pocket expense. 

First Health PPP also provides you with pre-negotiated, discounted rated for medical services. For example, if your visitor needs a medical procedure and the bill is $10,000- that bill is then negotiated down to $2,000. After the health care provider bills the insurance company, insurance covers 80%– meaning you only pay $400 of the $10,000.

The ELITE Network Plan & INF Advantage Plan are the best pre-existing visitors medical insurance for travel to USA. Both plans cover 80% of all eligible medical expenses after the deductible has been met- meaning lower medical costs for your family. 

Which Most Comprehensive Visitors Insurance Should You Purchase? 

The ELITE Network Plan is the only full pre-existing comprehensive visitor medical insurance for travel to USA. ELITE Network Plan treats pre-existing conditions like new sicknesses. This means you can take your visitor to a doctor, specialist, or for outpatient care. 

For example, if your visitor has heart pain, you can go to a cardiologist and get them checked out. If you compare travel insurance between ELITE Network and any other insurance plan, you will find there is no other plan which offers comprehensive visitors insurance for travel to USA better than ELITE Network.

The ELITE Network Plan is best for visitors who are at high risk of experiencing a medical event during their stay.

INF Advantage is the best pre-existing visitors medical insurance for travel to USA for acute onset definition plans. INF Advantage has lower premiums compared to ELITE Network, but offers only Acute Onset definition of pre-existing coverage. Acute onset means only in emergency situations (i.e. Heart attack, diabetic shock, stoke) will be covered. The INF Advantage plan is best for major medical events and if your visitor has elevated pre-existing conditions, but are currently under control. 

What makes India Network Health Insurance different?

The India Network Foundation was established in 1988 with the purpose of serving the Indian community. Our visitors insurance plans are specifically tailored to cover medical issues affecting members and visiting parents, students, temporary workers, etc.Unlike most other visitors insurance firms, we are not simply a broker.

We sponsor & manage our own programs. This allows us to offer unique features, such as the only full pre-existing coverage on the market and cover conditions such as Urinary Tract Infections. Other firms may sell you a policy & may not care if your claims are paid or if your visitor has the coverage they need. That is not the case with India Network.

India Network has a 100% claims payment rate of all eligible medical claims. That means we not only pay 100% of all eligible claims but also within 6 weeks of receipt of your full claim and its documents. You can hold us accountable.