Modicare will Not Cover International Medical Expenses

Recently, the Indian Government announced the creation of a massive healthcare scheme which covers over half-a-billion Indian citizens. This program, aptly named Modicare after Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has been publicized as the world’s largest government-run health care program. Plans underneath Modicare will only cover families up to $6,950 and are limited in their scope. These plans will cover basic care for physicians and major medical, such as accidents. However, the coverage will only be limited to healthcare coverage in India. Although Modicare is seen as a shot-in-the-arm for the Indian Health Care Industry, those traveling abroad should be wary of Modicare and the coverage which it affords.

Medical Costs Abroad

For Indian’s traveling abroad, many foot their own bill when it comes to medical expenses. A recent report by the US Department of Travel noted that Indian’s traveling to the United States spend on average of $5,000 – $7,000 on emergency medical expenses during their visit. Moreover, of the 2.7 million visitors who travel from India to the United States in 2017, only 15% had adequate insurance to protect against these costs. Many of these emergencies are related to pre-existing conditions, including complications from diabetes or heart conditions. A recent study of claims data by the India Network Foundation found that the average cost for a heart attack in the United States costs around $7.800, with San Jose topping the list at $10,500. Often, families are left paying these large medical bills long after their visitor has gone back to India.

The Right Coverage for Your Visitors

There are only two visitor insurance plans which cover pre-existing conditions. The Premier Plan & Elite Network Plan offered by India Network Visitors Insurance cover all pre-existing conditions. These plans also provide outpatient care for pre-existing conditions. This means visitors can go to urgent care facilities, schedule doctor’s visits, or even see specialists for their pre-existing conditions. This plan is unique in that it is the only visitors insurance which offers full pre-existing coverage. Moreover, these plans cover other medical issues unique to the Indian Community, such as Urinary Tract Infections. For more information on these plans, please visit or call Tel:408-540-3600.

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