CHUBB Premier Plan

What is the CHUBB Premier Plan?

The CHUBB Premier Plan is the best fixed-benefit visitors insurance on the market. The Premier Plan covers all Accidents, New Sicknesses, and Pre-Existing Conditions. The Primer Plan provides excellent benefits for those seeking to mitigate the financial risk of a medical event for their visitor.

What does “Fixed-Benefit” mean?

The CHUBB Premier Plan is a fixed benefit program. This means for each medical procedure, a certain amount of coverage is provided. This is a called schedule of benefits. The schedule of benefits for CHUBB Premier Plan includes items for emergency, in-patient, out-patient, and doctors visits.

What does “Pre-Existing” mean?

The CHUBB Premier Plan treats all pre-existing conditions in the same manner as new sicknesses. The exact definition of pre-existing for this policy can be found here. With the CHUBB Premier Plan, you can seek out outpatient care or schedule doctors visits. No other plan on the market offers this feature, called “Full Pre-Existing Condition Coverage.”

With full pre-existing, visitors have the option to see a doctor or seek outpatient care for a pre-existing condition. For example, a visitor feels light-headed & experiences mild chest pain recently and decides to visit a cardiologist. This would be covered under the CHUBB Network Plan.

All other plans are cover only ACUTE ONSET of pre-existing conditions. This means only in an emergency situation will any benefits be given. Moreover, these plans have many exclusions that can give insurance the ability to deny claims.

Does CHUBB Premier Plan Cover All Age Groups?

Yes. CHUBB Premier Plan is the only visitors health insurance which offers coverage for all age groups. This includes visitors who are age 80+. 

Why is the CHUBB Premier Plan more expensive than other Fixed-Benefit Programs?

The CHUBB Premier Plan premiums are relatively more expensive due to providing a greater amount of benefits to the visitor. CHUBB Premier plans are the only plans which cover Full Pre-Existing Conditions, and illnesses such as Urinary Tract Infection.

Moreover, CHUBB Premier Plan pays 100% of eligible claims. Other visitors insurance plans may not pay claims due to the many exclusions in their policies. CHUBB Premier plan is the standard when it comes to fixed-benefit programs. 

What are my coverage options for the CHUBB Premier Plan?

Coverage Maximums depend on your age group. See the following chart below:

Age GroupNew Sickness Policy MaxNew Sickness DeductiblePre-Existing Policy MaxPre-Existing Deductible

Who should buy the CHUBB Premier Plan?

We advise visitors take the CHUBB Premier Plan is they meet the following criteria:

  • They are above 50 years of age
  • They have mild pre-existing conditions
  • You are more likely to seek out outpatient care for pre-existing conditions
  • You are willing to pay a lower premium for higher out-of-pocket expenses later

How can I get a quote for the ELITE Network Plan?

Visit our quote page, input the age of your visitor and their length of stay, and instantly get a quote to get you visitor covered.
Or, you can call Tel 408-540-3600 and one of our agents will be happy to assist. 

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