Greencard applicants, holders Targeted in new Healthcare Regulations

India Network Health Insurance provides comprehensive & pre-existing condition coverage for Greencard holders & applicants in the face of new regulatory scrutiny for government healthcare programs. As per the New York Times, Trump Administration officials recently released a statement announcing intentions to limit new permanent residents & immigrants any public assistance such as Medicare. Moreover, older immigrants whom take advantage of low-cost prescriptions drugs through Medical Part D program would be barred from doing so.

Federal immigration authorities will now ask Green Card applicants to prove they will not be a burden on the state as part of the visa process. Part of this proof will assuredly be proving to have medical health insurance for any accident, sickness, or pre-existing conditions. As the New York Times writes, “The rule would affect people seeking to immigrate to the United States permanently and others who are in the country on temporary visas — including students and workers — who seek to stay permanently.”

India Network Health Insurance provides the best insurance programs for students, temporary workers, and Greencard applicants/holders. Our CHUBB plans offer benefits such as full pre-existing condition coverage, which treats any pre-existing condition like a new illness. This enables anyone enrolled in the program to visit a doctor, urgent care clinic, or seek outpatient care for any pre-existing condition. For visitors seeking an economical plan with solid coverage, we suggest looking at our AXIS Plans. These plans have lower premiums and deductibles, but still pay 100% of eligible claims. AXIS Plans start at less than $1 per day and cover all age groups (0-80+). Health insurance plans offered by India Network are underwritten by CHUBB & AXIS Capital, AAA Rated Insurance companies, ensuring your claims will be paid and strengthening any immigrant visa application.

About Us

India Network Foundation was established in 1988 with the purpose of serving the Indian community. Our plans are specifically tailored to cover medical issues affecting visiting parents, students, temporary workers, etc. Unlike most other visitor’s insurance firms, we are not a simple broker. We administer our programs directly, cutting out the middleman agents who have no interest in helping you except their commission check. This allows us to offer unique features, such as the only full pre-existing coverage on the market and cover issues such as Urinary Tract Infections. Other firms will sell you a policy and may not care if you chose the right plan for your visitor, nor if your claims are paid. That is not the case with India Network. You can hold us accountable.

If you have any questions about our plans, premiums, or visitors insurance in general, please reach us at 408-540-3600 or email

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