INF ELITE Network Plan

What is INF Elite Network Plan?

The INF Elite Plan is our flagship, comprehensive visitors health insurance plan. The Network Plan covers 80% of all eligible medical expenses after the deductible has been met. The Plan also uses the First Health PPO Network. This is a network of doctors, hospitals, urgent care clinics, and labs which offer pre-negotiated discounted rates to those who have insurance which uses the network.

Does INF Elite Network Plan Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

Yes. INF Elite Network Plan is the ONLY insurance which treats pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. as new sicknesses. This feature is called full pre-existing, and it is only offered through India Network Visitor Health Insurance.

With full pre-existing, visitors have the option to see a doctor or seek outpatient care for a pre-existing condition. For example, a visitor feels light-headed & experiences mild chest pain recently and decides to visit a cardiologist. This would be covered under the INF Elite Network Plan.

All other plans are cover only ACUTE ONSET of pre-existing conditions. This means only in an emergency situation will any benefits be given. Moreover, these plans have many exclusions that can give insurance the ability to deny claims.

Does INF Elite Network Cover All Age Groups?

Yes. INF Elite Network Plan is the only visitors health insurance which offers comprehensive coverage for all age groups. This includes visitors who are age 80+.

What are my coverage options for the INF Elite Network Plan?

Coverage Maximums depend on your age group. See the following chart below:



Age Group

New Sickness Policy Max

New Sickness Deductible

Pre-Existing Policy Max

Pre-Existing Deductible











Why is the INF Elite Network Plan more expensive even though I get less Pre-Existing Coverage?

The INF Elite Network Plan premiums are relatively more expensive due to being a comprehensive benefit plan. INF Elite comprehensive plans pay 80% of all eligible medical expenses, regardless of the expense.

For example, after the deductible is met, the patient’s family is presented with a bill for $20,000. Since INF Elite Network Plan uses the First Health PPO, this bill is negotiated down to $12,000. The INF Elite Network Plan then covers 80% of the $12,000 medical bill. That means the family is only responsible for $2400 or 12% of the original bill after all is said and done.

Most other visitors insurance plans are cheaper & are fixed benefit programs. Fixed Benefit means the amount of coverage for a certain medical procedure is capped at a predetermined amount listed in the policy. This is called a schedule of benefits.

For example, say there is a fixed-benefit plan with $50,000 in pre-existing coverage. Now imagine a visitors family is presented with the same medical bill for $20,000. Perfect! The $50,000 in coverage should cover all the expenses easily, right? Nope. The following table illustrates


Hospital Bill

Amount Paid w. Fixed Benefit Plan

Amount Owed (Family Responsible)

Hospital Room (x days)








Doctor Consultation




Physical Therapy (5 visits)




Prescription Drugs







$10,750 (54% of total bill)

As the previously illustration demonstrates, premiums may be higher for a comprehensive program but the cost to a visitors family is quite considerable later on. The difference between the bills between a fixed benefit and comprehensive coverage ($8,350) is illustrative of the financial risk taken by the visitors family. The visitors family needs to assess their risk tolerance for their visitors medical expenses and internally price what they are willing to pay.

How can I get a quote for the INF Elite Network Plan?

Visit our quote page, input the age of your visitor and their length of stay, and instantly get a quote to get you visitor covered. Or, you can call 408-540-3600 and one of our agents will be happy to assist.