Lowest Cost Coverage

Who should buy Low Cost Visitors Insurance?

This plan is generally meant for Visitors who are:

1. Below 50 years of Age, 

2. Do not have any pre-existing conditions, 

3. Are generally healthy individuals.

Benefits of Low Cost Visitor Insurance

These plans offer the basic amount of coverage necessary for any new sicknesses or accidents which may occur during your visitors stay. These plans are cheap visitors insurance for parents visiting the United States or Canada. Cheap visitors insurance means low premiums and fixed benefit programs.

Cheap visitors insurance for students traveling is a great option. Visitors insurance is often used in the off-chance an accident or sickness occurs while travelling. Our insurance is designed specifically to handle new sickness and accidents, which can be seen in the schedule of benefits for the plans.

Which Low Cost Visitor Insurance Should You Choose?

The INF Standard plan provides the best fixed-benefit coverage for travelers to USA. This plan provides the highest amount of benefits for a low cost program.

Cheap Visitors Insurance for Parents visiting the United States is attractive if you do not have pre-existing conditions. With premiums starting from less than $1 per day, we highly recommend these plans for visitors, parents, students, and H1 Workers.

INF SelectCare Plan in particular is the lowest cost, cheapest plan on the market today. This plan is not available for new enrollments until further notice. The INF SelectCare Plan works with the First Health PPO Network. This means access to pre-negotiated, discounted medical services and cashless claims. Cashless Claims means you do not have to pay out-of-pocket for medical expenses.

What makes India Network Health Insurance different?

The India Network Foundation was established in 1988 with the purpose of serving the Indian community. Our visitors insurance plans are specifically tailored to cover medical issues affecting members and visiting parents, students, temporary workers, etc.Unlike most other visitors insurance firms, we are not simply a broker.

We sponsor & manage our own programs. This allows us to offer unique features, such as the only full pre-existing coverage on the market and cover conditions such as Urinary Tract Infections. Other firms may sell you a policy & may not care if your claims are paid or if your visitor has the coverage they need. That is not the case with India Network.

India Network has a 100% claims payment rate. That means we pay 100% of all eligible claims within 6 weeks. You can hold us accountable.