Best Value Coverage

Who should buy Best Value Visitors Insurance?

These plans are generally meant for Visitors who:

1. Are above 50 years of Age, 

2. Do have pre-existing conditions,

3. Are healthier individuals with mild pre-existing issues.

Benefits of the Best Value Visitors Insurance

The best travel insurance means travel insurance which covers for medical or accidents. These plans offer greater coverage and protection for individuals with pre-existing conditions. If you are seeking to offset the financial risk of large medical bill, these plans will help. These visitors insurance plans help in case of major medical accidents or events, such as a bone fracture or heart attack. Moreover, these plans provide excellent coverage for sicknesses, such as fever, stomach ache, etc. These plans pay 100% of all eligible claims within 6 weeks-so there is no need to worry about seeking medical care when you need it.  

Which Best Value Visitors Insurance Should You Purchase? 

When you look to compare travel insurance for your visitor, it is important not only to look at deductibles and premiums, but the policy itself. Our CHUBB Premier plan is one of the best pre-existing visitors’ insurance plans on the market. The CHUBB Premier Plan offers the only full pre-existing fixed-benefit medical visitors’ insurance in the USA. Full pre-existing means we consider pre-existing conditions the same as a new sickness. This means you can take your visitor to a doctor, specialist, or outpatient care. 

The CHUBB Premier Plan offers some of the highest pre-existing coverage maximums on the market. Maximums for pre-existing coverage for visitors traveling to USA are as high as $60,000! The plan is also the only international travel insurance which covers infections such as Urinary Tract Infection- which is quite common in older people who travel. If you are seeking visitor travel insurance for USA and your visitor has pre-existing conditions, this is the best pre-existing medical insurance to choose.

The INF Choice Plan offer similar coverage to the CHUBB Premier Plan. The INF Choice Plan is a fixed-benefit which covers the acute onset of a pre-existing condition. This means you are covered in case any emergency arises. This includes trips to the emergency room, in-patient services, and hospitalization. Moreover, the INF Choice Plan works with the First Health PPO Network. This means the enrolled has access to pre-negotiated, discounted rates for medical services. The INF Choice Plan also offers Cashless Claims– meaning you do not have to pay anything out-of-pocket. The insurance company is billed directly, meaning you don’t have to wait for your claims to be processed! 

What makes India Network Health Insurance different?

The India Network Foundation was established in 1988 with the purpose of serving the Indian community. Our visitors insurance plans are specifically tailored to cover medical issues affecting members and visiting parents, students, temporary workers, etc.Unlike most other visitors insurance firms, we are not simply a broker.

We sponsor & manage our own programs. This allows us to offer unique features, such as the only full pre-existing coverage on the market and cover conditions such as Urinary Tract Infections. Other firms may sell you a policy & may not care if your claims are paid or if your visitor has the coverage they need. That is not the case with India Network.

India Network has a 100% claims payment rate. That means we pay 100% of all eligible claims within 6 weeks. You can hold us accountable.