CHUBB Premier Visitor Insurance Plan VS. AXIS Plan With Pre-Existing Condition Coverage – Which One to Choose?

Lets look closely at each visitor insurance plan and the difference between them.

CHUBB Premier Plan is a fixed benefit plan with coverage for new problems, accidents and pre-existing conditions with a variety of deductible options for new medical conditions and pre-existing medical conditions. This plan offers cost effective pre-existing coverage but there is some risk in terms of leftover bills after the plan payments. There are no network benefits under this plan and you can go to any provider you like and plan will pay fixed amounts as per policy benefits. Minimum Purchase required: 90 days.
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AXIS Plan with pre-existing condition coverage*  is a fixed benefit plan and it’s available with $25,000, $50,000, $75,000, $100,000, $150,000 and $250,000 maximum coverage with $75, $250, $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 deductible options with access to First Health PPO providers( pre existing max coverage starts from $1,000 up to $15,000 depending on policy max and deductible). AXIS Plan with Pre-Existing Coverage comes with Accidental Death Benefit, Medical Evacuation, and Repatriation benefits. Also includes access to a U.S. telemedicine physician network through Teladoc. Minimum Purchase required: One Month.
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*Pre-existing limited to Acute Onset coverage.

The big difference between these two plans are  CHUBB Premier Plan considers pre-existing conditions the same way as new problems and coverage extended to inpatient, outpatient care etc. AXIS Plan offers only inpatient acute onset coverage for pre-existing problems. This is a very restrictive coverage and also, very small amount for pre-existing problems meaning that if you feel that something is not right with you and you don’t go to ER or to your doctor with in 12 hours of experiencing acute onset of a pre-existing condition, the insurance company won’t pay for any of your medical bills.

Think twice before you buy visitor health insurance plan. AXIS Plan with pre-existing coverage is a little bit cheaper at the beginning than CHUBB Premier plan, but in a long term CHUBB Premier plan will benefit and cover your pre-existing conditions much better and you won’t need to run to ER every time when you experience a little discomfort.

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India Network Services is a US-based company that administers visitor health insurance to tourists, students, temporary workers and their families. Visitor medical plans are offered for all age groups (0-99 years old) with both fixed coverage, comprehensive coverage and with or without pre-existing condition coverage.

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