Beware of Your Visitor Health Insurance

Lately we got a couple of calls where people asked us to help them with visitor insurance but there was nothing we could do. Let us tell you about two situations with the same result:

The situation #1: A visitor came to the U.S. to spend time with his grandchildren but he decided do not spend money for visitor health insurance. His trip was great, he had good time with children and grandchildren, enjoyed being in a new country and everything went smooth till he got on the airplane to go back home to India. On the airplane all of a sudden he felt dizzy and fainted. Immediately he was taken to the ER where doctors discovered that he already had a life threaten disease and needed to have a surgery and some serious treatments right away. For all of that procedures the medical bills would be hundreds of thousands of dollars if not more. That night we got a call from the visitor’s son who wanted to buy a visitor health insurance right away to cover all the expenses.

The situation #2: A visitor from India came to the U.S.  to spend time with his children. Before that trip every once in a while he had some problems with his heart but he never payed serious attention to that. He did not buy a visitor health insurance. In the middle of his trip he started feeling sick and needed to go to the hospital right away where a couple of hours later he had open heart surgery. Right after the surgery his son also called us and wanted to get visitor health insurance right away.

Of course, we could not sell the insurance coverage to any of these people and all the hospital bills are going to be their responsibility. That’s why there are a couple of things every visitor should know about visitor health insurance before coming to USA:

1. A coverage starts in 24 hours after the purchase and if you’re ALREADY experiencing any symptoms of sickness, you shouldn’t buy the insurance. That WOULD NOT be covered.

2. We ONLY cover new sickness and accidents and pre-existing conditions (ONLY if you purchase a special pre-existing coverage) if you buy insurance coverage at least 24 hour before visitor arrives to USA or subject to approval.

3. We DO NOT cover medical tourism. If you plan to get medical help in USA, you should be able to pay for it on your own.

4. If you sponsor your parents or relatives to come to USA from India, you might be responsible for ALL MEDICAL BILLS they might have.

Our advice to every visitor or who sponsors their parents, in-laws and relatives – PLEASE buy a visitor health insurance before you come to USA. India Network Services are happy to offer basic health coverage starting from less than a dollar a day (please read the program details here). However we also highly recommend to every visitor in 50+ age group and to everybody who wants to be on the safe side is always buy visitor health insurance with pre-existing condition coverage such as CHUBB Network plan and CHUBB Premier plan.

Please visit this page to get a quote of Visitor Health Insurance plans offered by India Network Services.

India Network Services is a US-based company that administers visitor health insurance to tourists, students, temporary workers and their families. Visitor medical plans are offered for all age groups (0-99 years old) with both fixed coverage, comprehensive coverage and with or without pre-existing condition coverage.

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