What does Urinary Tract Infection Mean for Older People and why can it be in Exclusion from Visitor Health Insurance Coverage?

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection in any part of your urinary system – kidneys, ureters, bladders and urethra.
Urinary tract infection is very common among older adults. Lack of estrogen may allow bacteria that can cause UTIs to grow more easily in the vagina or urethra and cause an infection in the bladder. In men, partial blockage of the urinary tract by an enlarged prostate. Other conditions, such as diabetes, lack of activity, poor hygiene, or problems releasing urine. Older individuals are more sensitive to this disease for many reasons, such as their overall susceptibility to infections due to a weakened immune system. Elderly men and women also experience a weakening of the muscles of the bladder and pelvic floor, which can lead to increased urine retention (incomplete emptying of the bladder) and incontinence. These things all lead to infection.

If left untreated, a UTI can lead to acute or chronic kidney infections, which could permanently damage them and even lead to kidney failure. These common infections are also a leading cause of sepsis, a potentially life-threatening infection of the bloodstream.

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Classic UTI symptoms include:
  1. urethral burning with urination
  2. pelvic pain
  3. frequent urination
  4. an urgent need to urinate
  5. a fever
  6. chills
  7. foul-smelling urine

UTI can cause serious health problems. If you think your parent might have a urinary tract infection, see your doctor right away to avoid further complications. If caught early on, a simple course of antibiotics typically clears the infection in no time.

Also there is something else you need to know. Many plans put Urinary Track Infection in exclusion list as it is a common problem among elderly people. So you should be careful when you’re choosing a Visitor Health Insurance Plan. India Network offers plans that use policy holder friendly definitions and only a few exclusions. The features are:

a) Pre-existing conditions are covered in the same way as new problems and accidents (No other plan in USA use this broad definition).

b) Urinary Tract Infections are not excluded from India Network Health Insurance Plans. (Many plans put this in exclusion list as it is a common problem among elderly people).

c) All India Network Health Insurance plan claims are processed in the USA, (6 weeks to settle a claim) and they are underwritten by American Insurance Companies.

d) Our plans are not Acute onset and you can get medical attention whanever it’s more convenient for you.

India Network Services is a US-based company that administers visitor health insurance to tourists, students, temporary workers and their families. Visitor medical plans are offered for all age groups (0-99 years old) with both fixed coverage, comprehensive coverage and with pre-existing condition coverage.

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