Learn what you Need to do after Becoming a Permanent Resident (Green Card Holder) of USA

If you have become a lawful permanent resident, congratulations! Read about your rights and responsibilities.

Your Rights as a Permanent Residentgreencard

As a permanent resident (green card holder), you have the right to:

  • Live permanently in the United States provided you do not commit any actions that would make you removable under immigration law
  • Work in the United States at any legal work of your qualification and choosing. (Please note that some jobs will be limited to U.S. citizens for security reasons)
  • Be protected by all laws of the United States, your state of residence and local jurisdictions

Your Responsibilities as a Permanent Resident

As a permanent resident, you are:

For more information, see the “Maintaining Permanent Residence” and “International Travel as a Permanent Resident” pages.

Also, one of the most important things to remember is purchasing a good health insurance plan that will help to protect you and your family from having unexpected medical expenses.

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