Is Visitor Health Insurance a Waste of Money?

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Things to Consider Before Your Trip to America

Planning a vacation or visiting grand children in the United States is always exciting. People traveling to America enjoy wonderful time exploring different states and get exposure to different culture, language, technology, and more. There is always something for everyone.

A person must always bear in mind that the most important thing to do before leaving home is to purchase visitors health insurance. Whether you are going to see family and friends, starting a new job, going to school, or tourism, having health insurance is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your family. It is advised to look into medical evacuation, repatriation and accidental death benefit as well in order to get help when it comes to any accidents or unfortunate events that may happen while traveling in a foreign country.

Some people may argue that they are healthy or their medical conditions are under control, but the reality is, anything can happen. While having fun, you could get into accidents or catch cold by simply sitting next to a sick person. Diabetes and blood pressure are universal problems that most elderly visitors from India are facing, but that doesn’t mean they are not medical problems! They are all pre-existing conditions that could lead to other health complications.

Getting sick is the furthest thing from a visitor’s mind when going abroad, but it is better to have coverage when needed. We highly recommend visitors health insurance to everyone traveling abroad and insurance with pre-existing coverage for anyone over 50 years old.

If you are a worker, tourist, or exchange student, you can take advantage of our Comprehensive Visitor Health Insurance. This plan will pay for most of your medical bill so that you can concentrate on recovering and get back to the fun activities. Health care in America can be very expensive especially for visitors who don’t have insurance.

There are a lot of long term visitor health insurance options for people who are planning a short term stay. Apart from comprehensive plans, India Network Health Insurance offers fixed benefit plans, insurance with pre-existing coverage, and plans for different ages from 0-99 years old. Visit our website for more information about our plans.


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