Do NOT fill insurance forms after visitor got sick!

Today, we got a call from a hospital saying that one of those insured by India Network Plan during this past weekend has been admitted to hospital right after filing the insurance form on our web site.

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As we all know, insurance works with probabilities and no program however great can not survive if everyone tries to use it!  Our sincere advise to all our community members – buy before your visitor arrives from a credible organization like India Network with more than three decades of long standing service to be fully covered. DO NOT waste your money by purchasing the plan after the visitor already sick. No insurance will cover that sickness and you have to pay for your self. 

Also, visitor health insurance plans are not designed to handle medical tourism cases. If you are planning to bring your loved one for a surgery or for a second opinion of a disease already in progress to the USA, No insurance will cover that scenario.

Preventive Care – Many of our members ask whether visitor health insurance plans cover regular checkups ? No. None of the insurance companies pay for preventive care.  Many plans even do not pay for sick visits under the pre-test of pre-existing conditions except India Network Plans that cover all sick visits irrespective of their cause if pre-existing coverage option is chosen. More details

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