Doctors trust India Network Health Insurance for their Visitors.. why not you?

We are striving to provide the best visitor health insurance and great experience to our members. Read on to see what our policy members are saying about us and our services.

India Network gave us peace of mind and the team was extremely helpful when our situation went bad …. Mother-in-law fell and broke her shoulder, requiring surgery. Insurance plan covered the majority of expenses, and naturally, made the situation much more tolerable.
— NO questions were asked, and minimal support documentation was needed to get the doctors/hospital/other services paid on time.

Without a doubt, our entire family believes in India Network Insurance plans, and have used them for years to enjoy being in control and free from unnecessary worries…. It feels good to pay a little bit for so much peace of mind!!!

Thank you to the entire team….!!!!

A & J Pattisapu, MD

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