India Network Reduces Visitor Health Insurance Premiums by more than 28 percent

Do you know this surprise from India network?? We have dropped the premiums for all age groups, particularly for 60-69 age group by more than 28 percent effective 6/1/17. Now you can get a $50,000 visitor health insurance policy for as low as $56 per month.. this is less than two dollars a day! This is a major achievement for the community at large and the greatest savings are achieved without changing one word from the previous program.  Remember  – India Network Visitor Health Insurance plans are always underwritten by highly rates USA based companies and all claims are processed in the USA. We do not maintain any offices (front end or back end etc…) in India.

This is made possible by able administrative leadership of Dr. KV Rao, to negotiate tirelessly with ACE American Insurance company to lower the cost of visitor health insurance to all parents and grand parents visiting the United States. The India Network Foundation that sponsor this visitor health insurance plan has been dependent on active participation of our all members of the visitors community, particularly from India. Hope you can all take advantage of these new prices and do not leave anyone without insurance cover during their visit to the United States. Please visit for more details.

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