What you should know when traveling to USA for vacation, family visit or for temporary work

Visitor Health Insurance | India Network Health InsuranceWorking abroad is a great way of exploring and developing yourself culturally and educationally. Even though it might sound scary to work in a foreign country, there are a lot of things to learn when you work abroad. Read on for some tips on things to consider when travelling abroad for work or for vacation or to spend sometime with grand children and children.

Take appropriate comprehensive medical insurance based on your age and health. It is important to pick the right visitor health insurance that will cover most of your health expenses when you are abroad.  India Network visitors’ health insurance will help you pay for sicknesses due to pre-existing conditions, new sicknesses, accidents, and more.

Make sure you have the right immigration documents. Your passport should be current and the expiration date should be at least 6 month validity from your return date and you should have a proper visa. Documents from health insurance should be kept with your other travel documents. It is important that you purchase visitor accident and sickness cover from a reputable American Insurance company.  India Network Foundation sponsored plans are underwritten by American Insurance companies located in the United States. This is an important factor to consider in the current environment.

Another thing to keep in mind is to get accidental death and dismemberment insurance. If you will be driving, it is advised to consider AD&D plan. This will help you with the coverage for unexpected death and dismemberment, coma due to an accident, repatriation of remains, and more.

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