Don’t Let Pre-Existing Conditions Stop You from Traveling Abroad to Visit Your Family

Sickness and injuries does not care who you are and where you come from. With health care costs these days, one has to be financially ready to cover the costs of doctor visits, hospitals, drugs, lab tests, etc.

Grand Parents | India Network Health InsuranceQuite few people who visit the US have pre-existing conditions, and are scared to travel due to the fact that health care costs are very high. Visitor’s insurance plans are designed to protect them and ensure that they get the help they need while they are abroad.

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What does pre-existing conditions include?

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  • Age: Most 65 years old people and above have some pre-existing conditions that require them to take medicine regularly.
  • Diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, AIDs, cancer, hypertension, etc.
  • Any condition that will require doctor’s visit regularly.

2 Things that Determines How Much Your Insurance Premium Will Cost

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  • Pre-existing conditions: People are more likely to get sick due to their pre-existing conditions. For example diabetes and hypertension can lead to heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, kidney malfunction, and other complications.
  • Age: Older people are more likely to get sick than younger people. In addition to that, older people experience pre-existing conditions that make them even more vulnerable to other diseases.

Don’t let pre-existing conditions stop you from visiting your family or friends in the US, Canada or Mexico. Visit our website to choose from our reliable visitor medical insurance for your family.

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