What US Visitors Should Know About Pregnancy and Maternity Insurance

Pregnancy Insurance for Visitors | India Network Health InsuranceGiving birth in the US can get very expensive. A natural delivery may cost between $10,000 and $20,000 and can easily get more expensive if there are any complications during child birth. A reliable health insurance will help you get the treatment you need without breaking the bank.

Just like pre-existing conditions, most insurance companies do not cover pregnancy and maternity expenses for US visitors. Unlike other insurance companies, India Network Health Insurance has plans that will cover visitors who become pregnant while in the US. ACE plans for visitors are designed to cover different medical conditions so that you won’t have to worry.

If you are already pregnant when purchasing the plan, then you are too late! Deciding to travel while you are pregnant can be dangerous. In addition to that, most visitor insurance companies will not cover for maternity expenses if you buy an insurance plan after the pregnancy.

How will the insurance know whether you were pregnant before or after your policy started?

Your doctor will create a detailed report when you go for checkup. Doctor’s report will then help the insurance company determine whether you will be covered or not. It is wise to be honest from the beginning so that you can get the right help and have a peace of mind that you will be covered. The excuse of not knowing you were pregnant will not fly in situations like these.

Know your options: It is very important to plan your visit accordingly and observe all your needs before choosing the insurance plan. A general travel insurance is great to have, but things like unexpected pregnancy can be very difficult to deal with especially when you are away from home and family.

When choosing an insurance plan, make sure you consider all possibilities to get the right plan for you and your family. Don’t just assume that your insurance will pay for delivery or other maternity expenses. Ask questions before purchasing a visitors insurance. Visit us for more information on ACE Insurance plans and get the plan that will best work for you.

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