Will My Parents From Indian Need Pre-Existing Coverage to Visit USA?

Parents Visit | Health Insurance | India Network Health InsuranceYour parents might look and feel healthy, but they might have a condition that they don’t know about. It’s very painful to find out about their sickness when it’s too late. It is a great idea to get health insurance with pre-existing conditions if your parents are 60 years of age or more. Most insurance companies do not cover pre-existing conditions. India Network Health Insurance has plans that will help with different life threatening episodes caused by pre-existing conditions. India Network treats pre-existing and new problems alike once an option is chosen to cover pre-existing medical conditions, known or unknown to the policy holder. All other products sold may pretend to offer pre-existing condition coverage but they are less likely to help you in case of need (read the small print carefully).

Is there a medical test to determine whether a person have preexisting conditions?

The doctor treating your parents will let the insurance company know about their sickness and whether it is a result of pre-existing conditions or not. It is better to share this information with your visitor health provider beforehand in order to get the right plan and be sure that your parents will get the coverage they need.

Why should you get pre-existing plan for your parents?

  • If they are 65 years old and above.
  • If they are taking medication regularly.
  • If they have diabetes, high blood pressure, AIDs, cancer, etc.
  • If they had any kind of surgery prior to purchasing the insurance.
  • If your parents have any condition that will require regular doctor’s visit.

While other insurance companies will not pay for pre-existing conditions, India Network health insurance have programs that will cover illnesses related to different pre-existing conditions. India Network has plans that provide coverage for both pre-existing conditions and new sickness. For example, if you purchase our ACE Network plan or ACE Premier Plan with pre-existing conditions, then a week later your parent get a stroke, he or she will be covered. ACE Network will pay 80% of the claim after deductible and ACE Premier is the fixed benefit after deductible. Call India Network Health Insurance for any questions.

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