Why you need a good visitor health insurance program?

Many of our member starts conversation saying that my friend was telling me that I do not need insurance for visitors as they will always be cared for if then endup in a hospital emergency room in USA. Yes. that is correct many hospitals worry about liability than collecting money when a patient come to an emergency room with a serious medical condition. I wish it was like that in India and all other countries. However, after the patient cared for, the billing department looks for insurance details and if none exists, they extend their search for immediate family. As many Indian community members have decent salaries and hard working with some bank balances, it is highly unlikely the hospitals will write off the amounts for you. The bills may hunt you for years to come. If you are broke and nothing to loose, then you are fine as no one collect anything from you anyway!

One of our goals at India Network Foundation is make our members aware of the issues related to inviting parents to the USA without proper preparation. Today, India Network is the only one program in the USA that covers all ages (0-99 years) and offer a program at affordable prices and with coverage for pre-existing conditions. More details can be found at https://www.kvrao.in.

In order to help students with a minimal coverage, India Network recently started an Accidental Death and Dismemberment Program which costs only $18 per year. This would provide $25,000 accidental death benefit and repatriation benefit of body back to home country. The North American Telugu Society (NATS) already started offering this program to its student members and we encourage all other community associations to take advantage of this program. More information and application information can be found on India Network Health Insurance web.

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