How to use 24 x7 Nurse Line of India Network Visitor Health Insurance Programs?

India Network Health Insurance sponsors visitors health insurance from two main American Insurance companies. The ACE American Insurance company plans know as ACE Network Plan (Comprehensive 80/20 Plan) ad ACE Premier and Standard Plans (Fixed benefit plans). The programs automatically provide you access to 24 x 7 nurse line to get some answers for minor medical problems or medications etc. The Nurse line is available free of charge to ACE policy holders whose policy number start with GLM and the phone number to contact Nurse line is provided on the back of the ID card issued by the India Network Visitor Health Insurance Program.

When you call the Nurse Line, the staff at Nurse Line will ask your employer name. This is same as group name for India Network Foundation sponsored programs. Hence you will answer the employer name as “India Network Foundation” and then provide your primary ID and policy number to quickly connect you to the Nurse Line staff.

The Nurse line is available 24 x 7 and every member of India Network Foundation can access this program without any additional payments. If you have any questions, please feel free call India Network Visitor Health Insurance hotline at 800-490-9678.

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