52% Diabetic Patients in India are not even aware of the problem!

International Diabetic Federation (IDF) in a recent report stated that more than 52 percent of Indian suffering from diabetes do not know that they have that problem. 33 Million males and 29 Million females in India are suffering from diabetic (not counting the 52% who are not aware of). A whooping 2 million more are added every year to the diabetic population numbers. Diabetic is a silent killer that exposes patients to heart attack, stroke, amputations, nerve damage, blindness and kidney disease.
“Diabetes is one of the diseases that affects the endocrine system. The pancreas produces the hormone insulin. In Type 1 diabetes, the insulin producing cells in the pancreas are destroyed. In Type 2 diabetes, insulin is still produced but the body becomes resistant to it,” explains M. Ravi Kiran, endocrinologist, Agada Health Care (Public Health Foundation of India).

While diabetic is a serious condition, many live long with the problem by closely monitoring the sugar levels and changing medications. However, a large number of parents visiting the United States are not even aware that they are suffering from the problem. These parents insist that the hosts (mostly children in the United States, software engineers) buy a cheap insurance, mostly for psychological satisfaction such as visitorcare, a ultra low cost plan at most provide some kind psychological satisfaction than provide coverage for heart attacks, strokes, brain hemorrhage etc. India Network Health Insurance does offer a comprehensive PPO network plan, ACE Network Plan on its web site that covers any unexpected illness and help families, whether a medical condition is known or unknown to the family. It is highly recommended that any one above age 50 traveling from India to take a plan that cover major medical problems to avoid unnecessary family burden with big medical bills.

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