India Network Pre-existing Plans require 90 days Minimum

India Network offers two major plans for pre-existing conditions coverage – one is ACE Network Plan. The ACE Network Plan is the best possible insurance, both for, new problems, accidents, and pre-existing conditions at affordable prices, and is available for all age groups. This is the closest plan you can get for visitors to the domestic programs.

The ACE Network Plans employs a simple and straightforward definition – Pre-existing conditions are treated on par with new problems when a plan is purchased with pre-existing conditions option. So, if a visitor goes to emergency, that medical condition would be covered either as a new medical problem or under pre-existing conditions coverage. First you have meet your deductible and then plan pays 80 percent of covered expenses, and you are responsible for 20 percent. This is the only plan in the US that can assure that your trip to Emergency room is covered either as Pre-ex problem or a new problem.

The ACE Premier Plan is a fixed benefit plan which covers pre-existing conditions on par with new problems as well. The Only difference between new medical conditions and pre-existing medical conditions is that the later ones are subject to higher deductible and a separate policy maximum.

Why 90 days coverage?? The pre-existing insurance coverage offered is based on the assumption that policy holder would contribute at least 90 days premium. This DOES NOT MEAN that one has to wait 90 days to get coverage. The insurance coverage will start from the effective date listed on the application form and there is no waiting period. 

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