Pre-existing Condition Coverage is not easily Available to Visitors who are already in the US

India Network Health Insurance is the only program in the United States that offer pre-existing condition coverage for visitors of all ages traveling to the United States for the purpose of visiting friends, family, study or temporarily work in the US. The program however is not meant to be medical tourism.

Also, Pre-existing coverage works effectively for your visitors only when one purchase the program before the visitor(s) land in the United States.  The pre-existing condition coverage will not be available if the health insurance is purchased after the arrival date of the insured. For example,  if your visitor arrives on 9/15/2016 and you have not taken insurance till 11/1/16,  the India Network Health Insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions in that case. One can only take a standard plan without pre-ex coverage in such scenarios.

Hence we urge all members to purchase the plan as soon as the date of journey finalized to take advantage of India Network Health Insurance Pre-existing coverage.

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