Being prepared is the key for parents with pre-existing conditions while traveling and visiting United States requirement.

Traveling with any pre-existing conditions can present some risks. Traveling with heart problems especially while flying, high altitude, thin air combined with sitting for long hours, busy airports, waiting in lines the list is endless. All these stress factors add up with an already existing condition, can be very taxing on the body. A person with a pre-existing condition should take some precautionary measures to make their travel safe & comfortable and trip memorable while visiting far away foreign lands.

Being prepared is the key while traveling and visiting, listed below are a few important things to remember to take with:

  • Medications: Always carry enough and a little extra while traveling, enough to last your entire trip and a little more. Keep some in your carry on and also your checked baggage.
  • Medical Information: Make sure you have copies of your physician’s contact information, your medical history, and documents of any recent medical procedures that you may have undergone. It’s not a bad idea to have a copy on you and also one in your checked baggage and carry on. Also those who are tech savvy can scan them and save them on a portable drive/laptop or even on a cloud drive.
  • Prescriptions: What is you run out of medications, ensure you have a valid prescription just in case you lose your baggage or run out of medications. That way you can always get some if needed.
  • Local Contact Information of Destination (Doctor and also the people you are visiting): Knowing where to go at your destination when you arrive, just in case you need to see a doctor makes life easy. Create a list of local contacts, including your hosts, Doctors, etc. Keep a printed copy in your baggage and also on your phone/ portable drive, laptop, etc. It is not a bad idea to create a contact on you phone and name it ICE (In Case of Emergency and store local Doctors info and also the people you are staying with.
  • Visitors Insurance: What would you do in case of an emergency? Ensure you have a good travel and also Visitors Insurance plan so that you are covered while traveling and also while staying at your destination. One can never tell when or why sickness and/or an injury can strike. And with pre-existing conditions, the risks are doubles.

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