Over 21 percent of Hyderabadis Diabetic – don’t leave home without India Network health insurance

A massive diabetes screening programme that found 21.14% of the city’s population to be diabetic.The most shocking finding of
the screening was that 20% of people suffering from diabetes were not even aware of their condition while a majority of the remaining 80% were not doing enough to manage their blood sugar levels.

Carried out under an initiative called ‘Together let’s beat diabetes’, 7,839 (21.14%) persons were found to be diabetic out of total sample size of 37,075 adults (including 8,259 women) in Hyderabad city. About 26% People in the 41-50 year age bracket were the hardest hit diabetic population in the city, followed by 22.97% in the 51-60 year age bracket and 22.78% in the 31-40 year age bracket. Those above 60 years constituted 21.99% of the city’s diabetic population.

India Network Foundation sponsors health insurance plans that cover pre-existing conditions such as diabetic. A number of families took advantage of the program and as the survey indicates, many visitors to the USA do not consider diabetic and blood pressure as diseases!  India Network high recommends any one in the 40+ age group to purchase a health plan with pre-existing conditions coverage. More details on the plan can be found at https://www.kvrao.org

More details on the diabetic study can be found in Times of India.

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