7 Reasons why Visitor’s Insurance cannot be ignored. Are we doing the right thing? India Network plans suit your every need, while visiting family and friends.

You’ve just booked a big trip, and you’re debating whether you need to shell out that additional cash for visitors insurance. The trip itself is costing upwards of a few thousand dollars. Visitors insurance is just a waste of money anyway, I mean it’s not like anything will happen to you while visiting family and friends, or even a vacation, and even if it did, insurance companies make it practically impossible to collect, so why bother, correct ? We are wrong in thinking this way. Besides a big number of visitors are under the impression that Obamacare covers everyone in the US, wrong again, it’s a program meant for citizens, lawful immigrants, not for visitors who are neither.

I am fit and Healthy – Nothing will happen to me.

Sickness and Accidents doesn’t discriminate nor do we know what we might come across during out trip.  Being logical is a wise thing to do, we may have travelled a lot but no one ever knows what’s going to happen next.

The only way to protect ourselves from these unanticipated problems is to invest in a good visitor’s insurance policy that will take care of us.

I don’t need to spend more on an additional policy. I am already covered at home.

Most of us do have Health Insurance at home, but unless that policy specifically states that we are covered while we are visiting and staying abroad for a period of time, it’s not even worth the paper it’s printed on overseas, while visiting or on a trip.

Who needs visitors insurance, because it’s impossible to collect unless something happens anyway.

A good policy will not only cover illness, injury, disasters and repatriation costs, but it’ll also serve as a way out of situations where we end up paying hefty health care costs.

Visitors insurance is just for people that are visiting family and staying with them for a period of time.

Wrong again, we may be visiting family, friends or just having a good time vacationing for an extended period of time, illness, sickness and accidents like we said earlier doesn’t care if you are visiting, friends and family or vacationing.

If I need any treatment, I’ll be able to pay for it myself.  Medical costs are cheaper anyway.

Wrong yet again!  Medical expenses huge compared to Indian hospitals. Unless you have a very large bank balance with six digits in US dollar, it would be very difficult to handle even one emergency facility visit. Insurance is the best way to transfer your risk to someone else for few premium dollars.

Can I buy the visitors insurance right before I leave? 

Yes you may, with purchasing a policy being a click away. We recommend that you purchase the plan at least one week in advance to avoid any last minute glitches. But don’t forget insurance part in the excitement of visiting your favorite grand children.

What about my Pre-Existing conditions?

Pre-Existing conditions are covered too by a lot of companies these days;  but they are not the same. Only India Network ACE network and ACE premier plans offer pre-existing coverage on par with new problems and accidents. Don’t be fooled by large TV advertisements as these companies offer policies with a lot of restrictions including restrictive definition for pre-existing conditions, sugar coated as ‘Acute Onset” and “Sudden recurrence”. etc. .

India Network Foundation, a non-profit organization with more than two decades of being in the forefront of offering health plans for visitors. With various plans to choose from you can put away the anxiety and enjoy time with visiting family and friends to the fullest. Click here for more information on plans.

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