Difference between Visitors Insurance and Travel Insurance?

There are many travel disasters that can affect your trip, and cause you to incur unexpected costs, like Trip cancellation, Baggage loss, delayed flights, missed connections, and a whole lot of other factors. Some of these are covered by carrying a Travel Insurance plan. But what if you fall sick or some unfortunate incident happens while you are there, visiting?

Carrying Visitors Insurance can save you a lot of trouble and also big $$$. With costs sky rocketing health care does not come cheap, especially in the US. India Network Foundation Health Care has plans that suit your every need, including pre-existing conditions. India Network has been around for over 20 years offers plans suitable for all age’s – infants to 99.

Just so we understand, Obamacare does not cover either, neither does it cover a visitor nor his/her travel.

India Network has just introduced a new fixed plan AXIS Accident and Sickness Insurance Program  that comes with two options and also with or without Pre-Existing conditions coverage. This new plan comes with the same quality service that India Network is known for.

Travel and Visitors Insurance are two different things altogether; Travel Insurance covers your trip, while Visitors Insurance covers you.

Travel Safe and be covered while you are visiting. Be prepared and make sure Visitors Insurance is part of your plan. Click here and visit us on the web.

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