Is it worth taking the risk, especially when traveling or visiting family and friends abroad ? India Network Foundation offers brand new plans.

A big part of our lives are spending time with family and friends, we enjoy and cherish moments we spend with them. A lot of us have family living outside of the USA whom we get to visit from time to time. At times family and friends get to visit us, which creates for a festive atmosphere and we all get excited.

We cannot be guaranteed that our visiting family and friends will keep good health and fitness during their sojourn, sickness and accidents don’t discriminate against anyone. We in the USA are aware of the out of pocket expenses that we may have to bear without Health Insurance, with visitors not  being eligible for Obamacare and not having health insurance this could be a burden and liability. Why repent later, instead let’s be prepared and look into visitors insurance.

India Network Foundation a non-profit organization that has been around for over two decades has some excellent plans & programs that offer coverage for Pre-Existing conditions, along with fixed and comprehensive plans. Not all are blessed with fitness and good health, and we may have family members, who may be aging with age related issues. It’s always a good idea to make sure that we have them protected and covered while they visit us.

With already existing plans like, ACE Fixed, ACE Comprehensive, with or without Pre-Existing conditions, that are tailored to suit ones need. India Network Foundation introduces a new plan Axis Fixed Benefits, with or without Pre-Ex.

Do not take a chance, keep your loved ones safe and protected we are just a click away.

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