Does Medi-Cal cover visitors heading to California??

Wee get several asking the question whether they can enroll their visiting parents into Medi-Cal program offered by various county health departments. It appears some of their friends have successfully enrolled in to these programs by completing some shady paperwork.  We highly advise against anyone considering enrolling their visitors to Medi-cal program. It is a fraud and will be caught sooner or later.  It is not worth loosing your career and family and heading to prison to save few hundred dollars in insurance premiums.

Only residents of California qualify for Medi-CAL program. If you are permanently residing in California and have below $15,900 income may apply for Medi-Cal. They have to provide the following proof of residence to be eligible to enroll in Medi-cal program:

California driver’s license (DL)
California identification (ID) card
Lease or rent receipt
Utility or telephone bill
Letter from family or friends
Letter from an employer
Alien registration card

None of the above IDs can be obtained by someone visiting you for few months. In all, beware of the problems in taking advantage of Medi-cal program to cover your visitor and it is not worth the risk. Avoid by all means! If you know someone did apply and got coverage for their visitor through Medi-cal, it is your duty to report them to fraud line at

  • Welfare Fraud Hotline
    1-888-991-TIPS or 510-383-8777

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