India Network is all set to introduce MANA a new plan with Pre-Ex options. Planning on Visiting USA, Canada or Mexico, have you considered Visitors Insurance ?

Planning on visiting USA, Canada or Mexico?  Do you have Health Coverage? Points to remember while preparing to visit family and friends in the USA, Canada or Mexico. You might be traveling from any part of the world, remember that Obamacare applies only to US Citizens, Nationals and Legal Immigrants. Consider a plan before embarking on your journey. Listed below are a few key points to remember and check before traveling.

  • Are you aware of Travel Alerts to your destination
  • Are all your travel documents and papers up to date?
  • Are you planning on driving overseas
  • Are you a smart packer?
  • Are you familiar with local traditions and customs?
  • What happens if you fall sick while you are visiting USA, Canada or Mexico?
  • Obamacare covers only US citizens, nationals and lawful immigrants. Don’t try to enter your visitors..

India Network Foundation has been offering a wide range of coverage to choose from for the past two decades and over. With the introduction of its new plan MANA starting 1st April, 2016, you now have multiple options to choose depending on your requirement.

The India Network Mana Plan has some unique features: 24 x7 access to US based Physicians through TelaDoc program, limited pre-existing conditions coverage, and access to First Health Network. The low cost Mana Plan offers $25,000 and $75,000 policy maximum with a minimum enrollment period of one month.   With spring in the air and summer arriving in a few months a lot of us are excited, cause we have plans to have out family over to visit us, parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins. Yes it’s great to have family reunions and quality time. What if your visitor falls sick, or meets with an accident. Are we ready with the financial and emotional discomfort that comes with it?

India Network policy holders can reach the multilingual response center to confirm coverage and obtain access to available services by calling toll-free or direct dial or by e- mail 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. India Network recommends all international visitors to take in its ACE Comprehensive Insurance Plan or Premier plan before leaving home for the benefits of Travel assistance services in case of any unforeseen problems during travel.

India Network Plans are affordable, and tailored to suit a visitor from any part of the world to the USA, Canada and Mexico. Don’t let sickness, accidents get you and spoil the fun weather you are visiting Family, Friends or just traveling for Pleasure.

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