Why you need visitors insurance for your elderly parents??

Many young professionals think and their parents insist on not wasting money on insurance as they are “VERY FIT”. Yes, indeed they may be very fit in India within the social and cultural context they live in, But when the parents visit United States, they are often home bound with no social interactions and that itself causes a lot of stress. They may not like how the DIL is behaving or SIL is treating their daughter etc.. which are very sensitive issues. Recently, an elderly parent of a friend visiting United States. Our friend called many times to discuss the insurance as he has not taken before any insurance (Both are physicians). But this time he felt discomfort after first hand seeing some cases in his own hospital where Indian parents got admitted without insurance and he tried maximum to help without much success and the bills are staggering, Reluctantly, he took ACE Network plan for his elderly 70+ parents after debating many times. Unfortunately, visitor fall down and severally injured. They rush to ER and an immediate surgery was needed to fix the broken bone. It is a lot of discomfort for the parent who experienced the fall but the ACE Network stood behind and helping the family with 80% of their bills. The India Network Health Insurance Saved them thousands of dollars of hospital bills and others.

It is very important to have the right coverage for the right age group. Elderly parents in 60+ age are prone to not only sicknesses but also accidents while visiting the United States. You need adequate coverage all the time from start to the end of their trip even if you are a physician!

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