How India Network Pre-ex Coverage differ from all others?

Many visitors and parents coming to the US have one or more problems, known or unknown. These medical conditions and related illnesses are all generally excluded by all insurance plans under the pre-existing condition exclusion clause. However, recently some companies started advertising that they cover pre-existing conditions but their small print says something else. For example Atlas America plan offered by HCC Medical Insurance Services states that they do offer coverage for pre-existing conditions (excludes chronic and congenital conditions).  After this exclusion, pre-existing coverage is further constrained by “for the acute onset of  a pre-existing condition”.  This kind of language is common across all insurance plans that advertise pre-existing condition coverage EXCEPT India Network Health Insurance plan with pre-existing conditions. Here, in India Network Plans, Pre-existing conditions are treated on par with new medical conditions and accidents. What that mean?

Visitors are protected against any medical condition whether it is old or new in ONLY India Network plans at affordable premiums. Check it out the difference and do not be fooled by big letters but the small print very carefully!

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