How does India Network Plans compare with others on the google search??

India Network Health Insurance program is a custom designed program with several benefits to the policy holder. The India Network Health policy language and definitions are clearly in favor of policy holder and they are geared to help elderly visitor. For example many insurance companies that target Indian visitors to the US excluded coverage for Urinary Track Infections (UTI) as it a very common problem and drain on funds the insurance company. This is the very cause that make India Network plan experience high claims cost to cover UTI problems and their severity.

Similarly Pre-existing conditions coverage advertised by many company in google search engine first page and in the advertisements is any eye wash. All plans in the USA that advertise pre-existing condition coverage really do not provide the coverage when needed. The policy language so cleverly written that no ordinary  person would ever qualify or meet the policy standards to pay the claim.  The typical words used to advertise are – “Sudden Recurrence” and  “acute onset” and most plans require pre-authorizations before you seek treatments.

Please be aware that even if a company pre-authorize the treatment, it does not guarantee that a claim will be paid!!

With India Network plans, pre-existing conditions are treated on par with new problems and accidents and the same definitions/exclusions are used. On the top of it, India Network Plans are the only ones that offer such pre-existing coverage in the US and India.  India Network plans are priced to pay your claims and are not the same as anything else you will find on google searches.

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