Obamacare Plans Cost More.. start new enrollment period from November 1, 2015

Obamacare open enrollment period starts from November 1, 2015.  Health insurance premiums for the last two rounds have been increasing under Obamacare by about 30 percent for all age groups and particularly for older age groups 50+ along with high deductibles. All citizens and green card holders filing tax returns and who are under 65 are eligible to apply for a plan through healthcare.gov web site or through state market place web sites. US citizens and permanent residents who have low incomes (for example, below $30k) may receive substantial subsidy from the program and thus can enjoy superior health care benefits for peanuts. While those in the higher bracket will get zero subsidy and they can apply either through Obamacare web site or through individual insurance company links.  In any case, expect to pay a very high premium for a very basic lousy coverage under affordable care plans.

For example, a 50+ years old Living in LA region would pay $462 per month for the following benefits. As you see unless you have a serious medical conditions, you are not likely to see a penny from the HMO plan. Compare to these ACE network plan offered by India Network Health Insurance offers 80% coverage PPO plan for much lower price for visitors coming to the United States.

HMO Standard Benefits for Individuals

Key benefits   under Bronze 60 Health Savings Account
Individual Deductible    $4,500  deductible for medical  & drugs
Family Deductible    $9,000deductible
Preventative Care Copay1     no cost
Primary Care Visit Copay   40%
Specialty Care Visit Copay  40%
Urgent Care Visit Copay   40%
Tier 1 (most generics) Drug Copay   40%
Lab Testing Copay  40%
X-Ray Copay   40%
Emergency Room Facility Copay   40%
High cost and infrequent services (e.g. Hospital Stay)   40%
Hospital Stay Physician Fee  40%
Tier 2 (preferred brand) Drug Copay after Pharmacy Deductible (if any)  40%
Tier 3 (non-preferred brand) Drug Copay after Pharmacy Deductible (if any)  40%
Tier 4 (specialty drugs) cost-share after Pharmacy Deductible (if any)  40%
Maximum Out-of-Pocket For One   $6,500
Maximum Out-of-Pocket For Family

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