How to choose the right health insurance plan??

Everyday, we get calls from Indian community members in the US and they want to switch to India Network plan because their visiting parent (s) got some serious problem. Most of them have a plan from another company or got it from India and realize that their plan does not cover a particular medical problem they have at hand. Unfortunately, it is too late for the India Network Health Insurance to take them on as the visitors already have symptoms or sometime already in intensive care. How to avoid these circumstances?? It is relatively easy if you as purchaser of health insurance plan concentrate on coverage aspect rather than the cost aspect.  Cost is important but proper coverage is most important as any illness related to pre-existing condition or otherwise can easily cost thousands of dollars (many times the premium paid). Almost all insurance products look similar but they are very different inside the policy as exclusions and coverage for pre-existing conditions vary vastly.

ACE Network plan with pre-existing coverage option is the only one in the whole country that would cover pre-existing conditions on par with new medical conditions or accidents. But this plan cost about $968 per month for 70-79 years old. On the other hand we have plans that cost as low as $58 per month offered by IMG Visitor care plan.  These are two different plan designs. Obviously, like in any other field, what you pay is what you get. If you pay less, your coverage will have to be cut somewhere to be profitable.

Please feel free to call our office to discuss with one of the experts who can provide you an honest analysis of your needs and suggest best suitable plan.

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