India Network offers comprehensive plans with First Health Network

India Network Health Insurance offers two kinds of plans – fixed benefit plans and comprehensive (PPO benefit plans). Fixed benefit plans are cheaper to purchase as they do not use any network and insured will get a fixed sum for covered expenses. It is a good choice for price conscious members whose visitors have no medical problems and expect no medical issues during their trip.

ACE Network Plans offer comprehensive coverage with First Health PPO network. The policy holders in this program are protected against exorbitant billing by providers as Providers have to accept First Health Contracted price for their services. These plans cost a bit more but worth every dollar of premium because of their enormous benefits of negotiated prices along with 80 percent bill payment by the insurance company. The network plan is recommended for anyone above 55 years old traveling to the United States.

IMG Platinum plan also offers network based coverage and is available for shorter duration. However, please beware that IMG Plans require prior authorizations for medical services and differ in several ways from ACE Network Plans or ACE Fixed benefit plans. FOR example, IMG plans exclude coverage for Urinary Track Infections (UTI) common among elderly as well as pre-existing conditions coverage is limited to acute onset and sudden recurrence. There are other differences b

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