India Network Visitor Health Insurance Plans are not the cheapest.. but they are the best

Many members searching and googling for web sites may find that the India Network Visitor Health Insurance plan premiums are a bit higher than the market offerings.  Many plans are copy cats of India Network visitor health insurance plans to some extent ( note – India Network started offering visitor health insurance around 1990) but the comparison end in policy maximums and deductibles only and now what exactly the plans do and offer coverage.

For example, IMG plans require pre-certifications, exclude Urinary Tract Infections (common among elderly) and very narrowly defined language for pre-existing conditions besides these plans are underwritten by an International insurance company. These plan features, limitations, and other safe guards in the plan language allow IMG to offer lower premiums. Only people who have purchased these plans and have a claim will first hand see the problems but it would be too late at that point.

Another company that often come  up in google searches on first page is Atlas America plan. One has to read their specimen policy document to know how the plan works and the issues. For example, in all case pre-certification is required and pre-existing coverage under this plan states “Acute Onset of Pre-existing Conditions(excludes chronic and congenital conditions)”.

Every plan that advertised pre-existing conditions attach a lot restrictions and most likely that what you think you are getting is not the same as what you will get when you needed.  On the other hand, India Network visitor health insurance, ACE Network plan and ACE Premier plans offer a simple and straight forward approach to pre-existing conditions.

ACE Network comprehensive plan and ACE Premier plans consider pre-existing problems and new problems alike. The new and old medical conditions are treated the same way and claims will be paid in the same way. The only exception to this process is that if a claim is determined to be related to a pre-existing medical condition, then it will be subject to a specific deductible and specific pre-existing condition maximum.  India Network Visitor Health Insurance plans are the only ones that can offer you assurance of coverage and claims payment irrespective of the medical problem. All India Network Policies are completely underwritten, administered, and claims processes in the United States following US standards in claims processing time lines. The premiums are designed to pay the claims and hence they are a bit higher but worth every penny, and much cheaper than the plans available for US citizens at market plans.

Members are advised to read through and understand the program language carefully and ask questions. Remember, what you pay is what you get in claims.. as claims money has to come from the premiums collected!

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