Asian Indians more prone to strokes due to vitamin D Deficiency – A study NIMHANS, Bangalore Shows

A recent research study from India shows that Indian are prone to strokes due to Vitamin D deficiency.

The study published in the Journal of Human Hypertension in the March issue by . It evaluates the relationship between vitamin D deficiencies in a cross-section of high-risk Asian Indian population.

The study found that those with severely low Vitamin D – below 9.33 nanogram (ng)/ml – faced three times higher risk of suffering an ischemic stroke as compared to the others. In particular, those with hypertension and Vitamin D deficiency were more prone to suffering ischemic strokes, according to Dr Vijaya Majumdar of Nimhans, who was one of the key investigators of the study.

Full study report can be found on Bangalore Mirror Web site.

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