How much do we spend on health insurance?

Many members call our office to discuss their choices in selecting the best health insurance plan for their visiting relatives. As in any other industry, best plan and low cost do not exist anywhere together! Health care costs in USA are highest in the World along with world class care. In one way, perhaps getting sick in the USA would be best rather than getting sick in some where in India with little or no major medical hospitals. Any insurance you take should be able to help you in case of a major medical problem or an accident. Most elderly traveling to the US are having one or two known or unknown medical conditions. Many members think that their visiting parent has a little Blood Pressure issue or little diabetes issue but that is not a pre-existing conditions, which is wrong.  These are not minor problems and they can trigger serious medical events require longer stay in hospitals.

Not all pre-existing conditions coverage is the same. Don’t be fooled by insurance agents telling that a plan would cover pre-existing upto a million dollars etc. Whenever you hear the two dreaded words – “Sudden recurrence” and “Acute Onset”; you can assume that your claims will have very tough time to get paid. What good is your insurance if they do not pay you claims?

Here is where India Network Health Insurance plan stands apart from rest of the world by simplifying the coverage – both pre-existing conditions and new problems are treated alike in ACE Network Plan and ACE Premier Insurance Plans. However, these plans cost a bit more than the off of shelf thousand one programs you find on google searches and offer reasonable pre-existing condition coverage amounts. The goal here is to pay claims and be upfront with the limitation of the industry.  ACE Network Comprehensive Plan pays 80 percent of your claim after the deductible and ACE Premier fixed benefit plan pays the payments as given in the schedule of payments after your deductible.  If you are really looking for a good health insurance plan, you have to pay for it.. there is no free lunch in America!

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