India Network Requests all visitors to enroll in the plan, not just high risk and older visitors

India Network Health Insurance plans offers one of the best programs in the country for all ages of visitors, and particular coverage for those suffering one or more ailments. The older age plans are highly subsidized by the younger group plans to help families celebrate graduation ceremonies and other important family functions with grand parents and great grand parents. As a result, it is required and duty of members bringing elderly parents to spread the word about the India Network Health Insurance Plan to younger age groups and health individual visitors. This is the only way, India Network Can continue to offer excellent coverage for all ages. If members choose selectively to bring their sick and elderly to India Network plan and purchase another plan from a different company for their younger visitors, the plan become imbalanced.

India Network Plan is a community effort of more than 25 years to provide stable and excellent health insurance coverage for visitors of all ages to the United States. The program can continue to serve only when all visitors participate in the program rather than selectivity. We appeal to all enrollees to enroll all your visitors with the India Network Program. If you India Network Program is not right for you, please enroll all your visitors with another vendor and that way, you do not jeopardize the program by bring only high risk visitors to our plans.

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