How to choose the right insurance Plan for your visitors??

Everyone has this question – what is the best plan that cover everything?? Of course, there is no plan that would cover everything 100%  You have to balance coverage and premium as they are inversely related. You need better coverage, you should be prepared to spend big money as insurance coverage is not cheap in the US, particularly for plan designs such as India Network Health insurance plan that covers both pre-existing conditions and new problems on par without any attachment of conditions. Many plans offered in the market place offer some kind of pre-existing but they protect that coverage with several restrictions such as “Acute Onset” and “Sudden Recurrence”, etc. so that they can deny any and all claims related to pre-existing conditions. For example all IMG plans exclude UTI from coverage to save some premium dollars. IMG also designed VisitorCare  insurance plan, a fixed benefit plan to address the needs of those that seek cheapest plan possible with no regard to coverage in question.

India Network Health Insurance Plans are not the cheapest ones in the market as they offer broader coverage for both new problems, accidents, and pre-existing conditions with fewer exclusions. The motive behind India Network plans, both ACE Network and ACE Premier Plans is to provide best possible coverage for the policy holder. ACE Network plan provide a comprehensive solution for all visitors that is envy of many Obamacare Plans offered in the market place for local citizens but with lower premiums and deductibles. We highly recommend this ACE Network plan for visitors of all ages, particularly those above 50 years old. The second best alternative would be to go with ACE Premier plan. This Premier plan uses the same definitions as of ACE Network Plan but pays a fixed set of amount, which is almost always lower than what is billed.  Members who purchase this plan often have to deal large unpaid bills later.

If you are still confused, please call our office to discuss your individual concerns and questions.


  1. Sandeep Arora

    My father had a heart attack in October 2012 and has been on medication since. He is a diabetic patient also and takes medicines for that. He does not take any insulin injections and hasn’t had any change of prescription for over 365 days.

    If he suffers a heart attack during his visit to USA in late May, does it fall under pre-existing condition?
    I need to buy a health insurance in the coming week before their trip. Please provide recommendation.

    • Support Desk

      Hi Sandeep, India Network health insurance plan with pre-existing conditions coverage will help you if he suffers another heart attack or any other out patient or inpatient hospitalization with or without pre-existing condition. ACE Network plan is recommended for your situation. More details on the plan can be found on our web site at

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