India Network Reduces Premiums by more than 10 percent on Fixed Benefit Plans

India Network Health Insurance is pleased to announce a reduction of more than 10 percent of last year premiums for fixed benefit plans such as Standard $50,000; $100,000 and $150,000 plans and corresponding Premier plans with pre-existing condition coverage. The premium reductions are made without reducing any benefits or restricting any coverage, including pre-existing conditions coverage. At this time, India Network Health Insurance is the only plan in the United States or in India that treat pre-existing conditions and new problems are on the same par and cover them without attaching language such as ” Acute Onset” or “Sudden Recurrence”.

On the top of pre-existing conditions coverage, India Network Health Plans now benefit from AXA Travel assist services that get into action whenever there is a medical emergency or require medical evacuation, repatriation or accidental death involved. We encourage community at large to s

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