India Network offers Low cost IMG VisitorCare to short term visitors on budget

India Network Health Insurance started offering IMG VisitorCare short term limited benefit plan for visitors coming to the United States on a low budget. This IMG VisitorCare health insurance program is a very very limited benefits program at low cost premium as low as $17 per month per month for below $30 years old! This plan is not recommended for anyone above 40 years of age and for anyone with any medical issues such as blood pressure, diabetic, etc. Unlike ACE American Insurance plans, the VisitorCare benefits are defined for the whole plan term (not per sickness) and provide very limited amount. In care of any hospital care or other medical care, policy holders of VisitorCare should be prepared to pay substantial amount from their pockets.

The IMG VisitorCare information can be found at under scheduled benefit plans header on the main web site. Online application is available for enrollment.

The VisitorCare plan is underwritten by Sirius International and claims are handled by International Medical Group. Please call IndiaNetwork Office at 855-428-3425 to discuss your plan options before purchasing the plan.


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