India Network Health Insurance Offers cost effective insurance than ObamaCare Plans

India Network Health Insurance plans once again proved to be very cost effective health insurance coverage plans for visitors and transient green card holders in the United States. For example, India Network ACE network health insurance which pays 80 percent after deductible for covered event cost significantly lower than Obamacare market place costs.
For example 60 year living in CA (LA Region) – the bronze plan ($5,000 deductible with very high co-pays) cost anywhere from $450 to $531 compared to our ACE Network plan cost of $307 per month ($250 deductible and co-pays limited to 20%). The practicality of India Network Health Plan beats that of any plan offered by the with redundant coverages such as pregnancy, etc.

While India Network Health Insurance is not available to citizens of the United States, we encourage everyone who is in transition or moving between India and the United States to take advantage of our cost effective health plans. These visitor health insurance plans offer far more important additional coverages such as accidental death benefit, medical evacuation benefit, and repatriation benefit.
Please visit our web site at to see more details of these plans and coverage information.

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