India Network Foundation launches HudHud Cyclone Relief Fund to help schools

India Network Foundation, a non-profit organization in the United States today launches Andhra Pradesh (India) HudHud Cyclone Relief program to help badly damaged infrastructure in government schools in the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh. The funds collected by the Foundation are exclusively used to restore several hundred elementary,middle, and high schools located in cyclone hit area. This effort would be similar to our earlier assistance programs during Bhuj Earthquake in Gujarat, and Cyclones in the Andhra Pradesh. Even today many schools in Andhra Pradesh carry and store student records in Godrej Almaras distributed in 1997 and the maps distributed to many schools with member participation.

The HUDHUD cyclone that roared across the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh, India on October 13, 2014 left widespread damage to trees, buildings, telephone and electricity network in the coastal areas. Rail, road and airport transportation damaged in the area. While government under the leadership of the Chief Minister try to bring some normalcy to the area, many NGOs need to work to bring back the life in the impacted areas.
Please donate generously to the AP Cyclone Relief Fund of the India Network Foundation by completing the donation form on the secure server web site using American Express, Master Card, Visa or Discover card at Donation to AP Cyclone Relief

Anyone can donate as much as they wish to this project as well as help the Foundation get the matching grants.

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