Pre-existing Condition Coverage is not Available to Visitors who are already in the US

India Network Health Insurance is the only program in the United States that offer pre-existing condition coverage for visitors of all ages traveling to the United States for the purpose of visiting friends, family, study or temporarily work in the US. The program, however is not meant to be medical tourism.

Also, Pre-existing coverage works effectively for your visitors only when one purchase the program before the visitor(s) land in the United States.  The pre-existing condition coverage will not be available if the health insurance is purchased after the arrival date of the insured. For example,  if your visitor arrives on 9/15.2014 and you have not taken insurance till 11/1/14,  the India Network Health Insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions in that case. One can only take a standard plan without pre-ex coverage in such scenarios.

Hence we urge all members to purchase the plan as soon as the date of journey finalized to take advantage of India Network Health Insurance Pre-existing coverage.


  1. Jayanthi

    I am looking to bring my mother in law to USA. She has preexisting conditions and underwent gall bladder removal surgery. Can i apply for her insurance.i would appreciate if you can help

  2. bhavesh

    you said that i have to purchase it before visitor arrives US but in the example you mention after if not tale approx 45 day from arrival then you cannot take Pre-existing coverage. Can you please explain till what time i can take pre-existing coverage?

    • Support Desk

      Hi Bhavesh, Thanks for your query. One must purchase the visitor health insurance before arrival in the United States to avail full benefits of pre-existing condition coverage offered under the plan. If for some reason, visitor can not purchase the insurance before arrival, their application will be subject to underwriting and not automatic approval. In such cases, such visitors will be asked to complete a form for underwriting and coverage will be accepted or denied based on underwriting risk or asked to pay higher premium.

  3. jesus


    I heard very positive feedback about this insurance organization. My parents came to US a week ago. my mother has twisted ankel and feels pain when she walks. so just wanted to enquire with you guys
    here are my two queries:

    1) shall i get India Network Health insurance since my parents already arrived here in US a week ago.
    2) if so, will my mothers pre-existing ankel injury covered by this policy?

    I would be greatful for your sooner response. Thank you so much..

    • Support Desk

      Thanks Jesus for your query. Unfortunately, India Network Health Insurance can not help you in your situation nor any other insurance can help you. Insurance is for future risk and not for past loss, whether it is for your home or health or auto.

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