Major Benefits of India Network Health Insurance

There are a number of visitor health insurance plans offered by various companies and found in the google searches. This confuses anyone new to visitor health insurance plans. All visitor health plans appear to cover the same things but they are very different in their definition of coverage, limitations, exclusions and the underwriter (or the insurance company behind the plan). There is no plan currently in the United States or in India that offer the coverage with the same kind of definitions as India Network health insurance plan and also, there is no plan anywhere that is designed and offered as a group plan for the Asian Indian community in the United States. Also, the India Network Health Insurance Plan differs rest of the bunch in several important ways:

a) India Network Health Insurance Plans are designed to pay the claims rather than avoid them (the industry trend)
b) India Network Plans are designed to help Indian parents visiting the US. For example, India Network plan do not exclude problems that are common among elderly Asian Indians. Many plans exclude UTI related problems and India Network is one of the handful plans that still cover UTI problems.
c) India Network Plans are sponsored by India Network Foundation and underwritten by a, A or higher rated United States base Insurance company
d) India Network Claims are processed in the United States following US standards that apply to domestic plans.
e) India Network 24 x 7 Nurse line help thousands of families of visitors every year without subject to any deductible or fees
f) By participating in India Network Plan, you are indirectly supporting a community program that offer coverage that is often not available in commercial market – for example, coverage till 99 years old
g) Pre-existing condition coverage offered by India Network health plans can not be found in any plan anywhere in the world. This is a unconditional assurance that the plan would cover if your visitor goes to emergency for any reason.
h) Cost – Sometimes, India Network health plans cost more because they have to pay higher percent claims than anyone else in the industry. Remember, all insurance companies have to make profit for their stock holders and hence if someone charging less premium means that they will have to cut down on the claims. It is that simple math.

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