Type of Pre-existing condition coverage under various visitor health insurance plans

Some of our members often wonder how Atlas plan or Patriot plan or some other plan look similar to India Network health insurance cost less than the India Network plan?  Have you ever wondered if someone offers cheaper price for the same kind of product?  There is absolutely no visitor health insurance plan in the US or in India that come close to what India Network health insurance policy wording offers to consumers.  How India network plans differ from rest of the bunch?

a. These plans are underwritten by an American Insurance Company, governed by US rules and regulations and adhere to the standards of claim processing. Claims are processed by a Third Party Claims administrator in the US. No out sourcing of any part of operations. Many plans on street are offered by non-US insurance companies.

b. Coverage offered from 0-99 years and there is no reduction of benefits for 70-99 years old.

c. Most important distinction comes in coverage of pre-existing conditions – India Network Plans are the only ones that treat pre-ex conditions on par with new problems. If visitor endup in emergency room for any reason, India Network plan is the only one that can assure you coverage either as a new problem or as a pre-ex condition, which is subject to higher deductible. Almost all premium differences come from this valuable coverage. All others use ‘Acute onset’ and ‘sudden recurrence’ etc. clauses which would make it very difficult to get your claims paid.

d. Exclusions based on India visitor experiences.. it is disturbing to find some of the company that advertise routinely in India TV channels have very important exclusions that even the agents may not be aware. For example, most elderly visitors from India have UTI problems and these are excluded from coverage. Similarly skin problems are excluded, etc.  So, what you will get is coverage for things that you donot need and chances are very low to experience such problems.

Many more small differences exist that would essentially determine whether a particular claim is payable or not. India Network heavily subsidizes the 70 plus plan as a service to community. Every individual enrolled in the plan would take away more money than the premium dollars contributed because of the customer friendly policy language in the plans.  More details can be found at https://www.kvrao.org

Bottom line: There is no free lunch in America and if some plan is cheaper, it would have to reduce your benefits or deny your claims.  So, please read and get your answers before you sign-on to a cheaper plan.

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