Tips in Choosing the Right Health Insurance Plan for visitors

There are hundreds of visitor health insurance plans one may find in a Google search.  Most of these plan sponsors or promoters spend thousands of dollars to attract you to their web pages containing plans that may not worth much in case of need. For example, you may find a visitor care health insurance plan that cost much less offering fixed benefits of, say $400 for emergency. A typical emergency bill may be anywhere from $6,000 to $20,000 depending on the severity of the case. After the $400 payment by the plan, the rest of the payment has to come from your pocket. That is why, one should be careful in selecting the right plan for their loved visitors.

India Network Foundation has been sponsoring quality health insurance plans for more than two decades providing excellent plan designs, education, and advisement. India Network Comprehensive plan, known as CHUBB Network comprehensive health insurance plans simply pays 80 percent of covered expenses in case of new problems and accidents and also pre-existing conditions. The CHUBB Network plan treats pre-existing sickness and new sickness on the same level and pay the benefits in the same fashion except the pre-existing coverage has a different deductible and a different maximum than the policy max.

India Network Foundation will be happy to help you choose health insurance option.. but remember, there is no plan in the United States or in India that would cover the pre-existing conditions like India Network Health Insurance Plans.. real money and real, reliable, and trust worthy coverage.


  1. Masud

    Hi, few questions:
    1) Is this health insurance only for Indian citizens or any nationality can get the benefit out of it?
    2) My father 76 yrs and mother 71 yrs recent migrated to US and got their green card. They both have pre-existing conditions (diabetes/Hypertension) so how is it going to work if we get health insurance for them from you? Please quote the best in terms of low premium and better coverage? Thanks!

    • Support Desk

      Anyone visiting the United States can take advantage of our health insurance plans. If your parents permanently live in the US, India Network plan does not work for them but if they are like many other green card holders who move between their original country and the US, then you can purchase our plans. The plans can be purchased 12 months at a time (3 months min for coverage of pre-ex conditions). We recommend ACE network plan for your parents. More details can be found at

  2. Laxmi Govindan

    Can the ACE Network plan be paid in monthly irrespective of the duration we take the Insurance plan or do we have to pay all upfront for the duration we take the Insurance plan.

    • Support Desk

      Yes, you can pay monthly once you complete the minimum required period of 90 days initial purchase.

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